September 23-25 | Antwerp Belgium
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Beth Cohen

SDN Product Manager
Arlington, Massachusetts
Beth is a Cloud Networking Product Manager at Verizon, working on developing new cloud products and services. She is also President, Luth Computer Specialists, an independent consultancy specializing in cloud focused solutions to help enterprises leverage the efficiencies of cloud architectures and technologies. Previously, Ms. Cohen was a Senior Cloud Architect with Cloud Technology Partners and the Director of Engineering IT for BBN Corporation, where she was involved with the initial development of the Internet, working on some of the hottest networking and web technology protocols in their infancy. She has been involved in the OpenStack community since the 2010 Boston Summit, when she took the first OpenStack training class ever delivered.  She then helped architect some of the earliest large deployments in the world, writing the documentation and designing the architectures as she went.  That is how she came to help write the OpenStack Architecture Design Guide, to smooth the path for others so they would not break their heads on the rocks along the path.  She continues to be active in the OpenStack Community with the Telco Working Group
Monday, September 23

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Tuesday, September 24

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Wednesday, September 25

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