September 23-25 | Antwerp Belgium
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Monday, September 23

15:30 CEST

How Open Networking can Manage Large-Scale VPCs on Top of Clos Network Architecture - Honghui Xiao & Honghao Wang, ByteDance
Modern Data Centers are based on Clos Network Architecture, which is extremely simple yet unfriendly to applications. It is common to build Software Defined Data Centers on top of it and use VPCs to host applications. However, when building a distributed system that need to support Internet services with hundreds of millions of Daily Active Users, a VPC has to be large-scale. This imposes big challenges on the backend SDN system, which need to copy massive control-plane data among hosts , keep it consistent and program it into data-plane rapidly.

In this proposal, we will introduce our practice of building large-scale VPCs that each can host tens of thousands of VMs in Bytedance’s production environment. We will share our architecture which is based on Open Networking, such as Open vSwitch, OpenFlow, and EVPN. Also, we will explore the problems encountered and how they were solved.

avatar for Honghui Xiao

Honghui Xiao

Network Architect, ByteDance
Honghui Xiao is a CCIE(Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) and has more than 8 year’s experience at Cloud Computing and Networking. He is working as a senior architect in ByteDance, which has more than 600 millions active users and hundreds of thousands of servers over the world... Read More →

Honghao Wang

Software Engineer, Bytedance
Honghao Wang is working for ByteDance, and is responsible for the control plane of SDN and elastic compute.

Monday September 23, 2019 15:30 - 16:00 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
  Enterprise IT

17:00 CEST

Demystifying Open Source Network Operating System - Stefan Bokaie, Dell Technologies
Open Source Network Operating system landscape changed over the last few years and has been gaining increased adoption both at hyper scalers, service providers and large enterprises. In this talk I attempt to simplify what really makes up a network operating system at a high level, highlight and provide overview of some of the prominent open networking operating systems, components and tools that are out there now and in works, their current state, features supported, use case where these can be deployed and what next?

Open Networking Linux - OpenSwitch - SONiC - Stratum - FlexSwitch - FBOSS -Danos


Stefan Bokaie

Vice President of Software Engineering, Dell Technologies
Executive leader with more than 30 years of experience in delivering a wide range of platforms in Networking, Telecom and Network Management. Stefan's experience spans from founding member of different start-ups to a leadership position within various engineering organizations of... Read More →

Monday September 23, 2019 17:00 - 17:30 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
  Enterprise IT
Tuesday, September 24

11:45 CEST

SDN in the World of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Abhijit Kumbhare, Ericsson
The promise of SDN has always been applications that can communicate behaviors and needed resources with the SDN controller via a well defined API. While traditional methods to determine the needed behaviors continue to be important, the true promise of SDN is perhaps realized with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The talk underscores why software defined networks need to be intelligent by being aware of runtime status of the network and dynamically come up with network policies according to analytics results. Abhijit will discuss previous efforts in this area with OpenDaylight as well as future use cases of a smart and intelligent SDN controller. He will also cover a few of the AI/ML/big data tools and techniques which could be used for SDN.

avatar for Abhijit Kumbhare

Abhijit Kumbhare

Principal Architect/Director, Ericsson
Abhijit is the Chair of the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee. He is also a member of Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and Strategic Planning Committee. He has been active in OpenDaylight from its inception and the project lead (PTL) for the... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 11:45 - 12:15 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
  Enterprise IT
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13:50 CEST

Blockchain-based Solution for Reducing the Cost of Settling Inter-carrier Charges - Vipin Kumar Rathi, Delhi University & Sunay Zelawat, Subex Ltd.
This session will provide a brief overview of key Telecom use cases which benefit from using Blockchain and how Blockchain based solution can help CSPs to manage wholesale settlement efficiently and quickly by reducing friction and removing the long settlement and dispute cycles. In the case of Roaming and content, there is a great dependency on intermediaries, Network operators spend substantial amounts of time and effort to resolve the billing discrepancies between the partners and invest a lot of money to avail the roaming settlement services from the clearinghouses Interconnect is considered one of the largest operating costs and ranges from 30% to 50% of the overall operator’s business. Blockchain bases solutions will build transparency and trust across deals and financial transactions, Increased direct control by reducing intermediary dependency and Dispute Management.

avatar for Vipin  Rathi

Vipin Rathi

Assistant Professor, University of Delhi
Vipin Rathi is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Delhi. He is ChairPerson of Linux Foundation Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group. He started his career as a Research Fellow in CSIR. He also worked in CERN where he implemented Load balancer as... Read More →

Sunay Zelawat

Product Director - Partner Management, Subex Ltd.
Sunay currently serves as the Product Director of Partner Management portfolio. He specializes in Telecom Partner Settlement, Digital Billing, Route Optimization and Interconnect Billing. He has 12+ years of experience in the Telecom Industry. He is also a keynote speaker in forums... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 13:50 - 14:20 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
  Enterprise IT

14:35 CEST

The Secret Sauce for Profitable Next Generation Managed LAN Service - Amit Navon, Huawei
LAN and WLAN are perceived as commodity services, but the clear migration towards cloud workloads and increasing WIFI consumption in campus networks introduces a paradigm shift for enterprise CIOs to offload their LAN and WLAN management to manage service providers (MSP) and reduce their organization operational costs.

MSPs targeting this domain find themselves struggling with low operational margins, as the existing market technologies don’t eliminate the massive human resource required for the planning and ongoing lifecycle phases.

During this session Amit will be showcasing the managed LAN/WLAN business opportunity for MSPs empowered by innovative cloud campus technologies, improving operational margins with minimal touch networks. providing converged LAN/WAN services, and open platform architecture to cross-sell new value-added campus services like security and acceleration.

avatar for Amit Navon

Amit Navon

Senior Network Research Manager, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Amit Navon is a leading Senior Network Research Manager at Huawei European Research Center. Mr. Navon is a subject matter expert for innovative Fixed and Wireless technologies. Mr. Navon has over 15 years of experience developing pioneering solutions, managing enterprise products... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 14:35 - 15:05 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
  Enterprise IT
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15:20 CEST

Zero Trust, Software Defined Perimeter and P4 - Omer Anson, Huawei Technologies
Suppose you want to implement Zero Trust network, where no-one can be trusted to do more than they must, and SDP, where trusted actors should be allowed access from anywhere. This way you can prevent breaches, which is good, and allow maximum flexibility for your network users, which is even better.

You could do this with smart switches and feature-rich gateways. But they are not cheap. On the other hand, commodity hardware allows you to use eBPF. This allows control all the way to the network header protocol layer, if you need it. You could bring cloud networking to your physical network.

We tried writing directly in eBPF. It’s a long, arduous task. Wouldn’t you prefer a higher-level language?

We implemented a compiler for P4 to eBPF. The result implements our SDP network dataplane.


Omer Anson

Software Physicist, Huawei Technologies
Omer is currently a software developer for Huawei. He has 10 years of professional programming experience, with over 6 years expertise in Linux systems and networking. Omer has an M.Sc and B.Sc in Computer Science, and a B.Sc in physics. In his studies, Omer worked on Programme Analysis... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 15:20 - 15:50 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
  Enterprise IT

16:20 CEST

Driving to the Edge: How Open APIs and Open RAN will Transform Ordinary Parking Lots into Dynamic Data Centers - Natasha Tamaskar, Radisys
Self-driving cars are bringing the cloud to the most mundane of locations – the city parking lot. But this brings density and network congestion challenges as these cars demand access to mobile networks to receive updates. The emergence of 5G will support these new applications, while moving the network closer to the edge. Natasha Tamskar will discuss how open APIs, Open RAN solutions, CBRS, and small cells combine to enable disaggregation and virtualization at the network edge, enabling new use cases such as driver assistance services (self-parking, etc.).

Ultimately, the influx of local processing power and real-time data from self-driving cars will provide operators, developers, city planners and automotive manufacturers an opportunity to monetize the new data centers that will populate smart parking lots.

avatar for Natasha Tamaskar

Natasha Tamaskar

Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales Strategy, Radisys
Natasha heads corporate & product marketing and sales strategy for Radisys. Named last year as one of the Global Telecoms Business “50 Women to Watch,” Natasha brings nearly 20 years of telecom industry experience with particular expertise in product and corporate marketing, product... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 16:20 - 16:50 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
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17:05 CEST

Running VM Workloads Side by Side with Container Workloads - Sebastian Scheele, Loodse
On Kubernetes clusters, cloud native workloads and (legacy) VM workloads can run side by side. KubeVirt is a project to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs to VM creation, configuration, and management. In this talk, I will demonstrate how you can use the KubeVirt to set up and manage VM inside of a Kubernetes cluster. I will be describing how KubeVirt leverages CPU virtualization to implement a stronger security architecture for Kubernetes.

When combining both approaches, we can run a wider range of workloads, from container cloud-native applications to lift-and-shift applications with KubeVirt.

avatar for Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

CEO, Kubermatic
Sebastian Scheele is the CEO and co-founder of Kubermatic. Kubermatic is an enterprise software platform company that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver automated multi-cloud operations. Kubermatic Kubermatic, an enterprise Kubernetes management platform,  automates... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 17:05 - 17:35 CEST
Gorilla 3 (Floor 1)
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