September 23-25 | Antwerp Belgium
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W. Watson

Vulk Cooperative
Principal of Principles
Austin, Texas Area
W. Watson has been professionally developing software for 30 years. He has spent numerous years studying game theory and other business expertise in pursuit of the perfect organizational structure for software co-operatives. He also founded the Austin Software Cooperatives meetup group and Vulk Coop as an alternative way to work on software as a group. He has a diverse background that includes service in the Marine Corps as a computer programmer, and software development in numerous industries including defense, medical, education, and insurance. He has spent the last couple of years developing complementary cloud native systems such as the cncf.ci dashboard. He currently works on the Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Certification and the Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Test Suite.

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Monday, September 23

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Wednesday, September 25

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